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Candour Tax & Bookkeeping Services is your reliable ally in accounting and bookkeeping services dedicated to propelling your business toward success. We have extensive experience within the financial field, and we specialize in supporting small and medium businesses with their monthly accounting tasks with precision. No company is too small for us to support and contribute to its growth. Our services also extend to non-profit organizations, leveraging over a decade of proven financial management and advancement in this sector.

Our mission is centered around helping relieve the monthly financial workload that diverts valuable time away from business owners' true passions. We aim to empower business owners around the globe by equipping them with the knowledge required to make informed financial decisions that will facilitate sustainable growth and profitability.

Our core values are founded on trust, integrity, and transparency. Our team of experts is well-versed in the latest industry trends, regulations, and tax laws. This ensures our clients receive top-tier services and unwavering support throughout the year. We recognize the distinct needs of each client, so our services are tailored precisely to meet your unique needs. Select from a package or schedule a consultation for a personalized package that meets your needs. We are excited to leverage our knowledge and expertise to serve your needs, providing support through the intricate realm of organizing your finances. By entrusting us with your financial needs, you gain the freedom to concentrate on your business, while we handle your financial responsibilities.

Our clientele spans across diverse industries, including but not limited to Medical Practitioners, Healthcare, Land Surveying, Marketing, Arts and Entertainment, Real Estate, Staffing Agencies, IT Consultants, and Construction. Rest assured; your enterprise is in capable hands with our Services.

Our services

What services we offer

Accounting & Bookkeeping:

We provide customized accounting and bookkeeping services for all sizes of businesses using the latest software platform to support our clients.

Payroll solution:

We oversee all aspects of your payroll operations using the latest software platform that’s aligned with our client’s needs.

Tax Services:

We understand that tax season can be a stressful time for individuals and businesses. We offer clients peace of mind tax filing for every return filed.

Advisory Services:

Our goal is to guide individuals and businesses to make informed tax decisions. Our team of experts is well-versed in all the nuances of taxation.

CFO Services:

Our CFO services involve strategic financial management, tax planning, budgeting, cash, and risk management aligning strategies for efficiency and profitability.

Cleanup and catch-up work:

We will help you get caught up while you stay on track with current activities.

Financial Reporting:

We offer comprehensive, timely, and accurate financial analysis reporting on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis that enables organizations to make better business decisions.

Accounts payable:

Track and record all your expenses so you create a great partnership with your vendors and contractors.

Accounts receivable:

Track, collect, and record your service revenue/income so you are always on top of cash flow management.

Lets talk about how we can help you organize your finances.

Our Team

Alexis C. Lubin, EA, MBA.


Alexis is dedicated to empowering small business owners and individuals, seeking effective management and sustainable growth for their enterprises. With a robust background in full-charge bookkeeping, Alexis guarantees her clients precision, professionalism, responsiveness, and a profound sense of assurance. Her meticulous approach ensures the accurate recording of customer financial transactions, and the delivery of insightful financial statement reporting.
Backed by a bachelor’s in accounting, an MBA, and more than 15 years of cumulative experience in the accounting sector, Alexis brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every engagement. Holding the designation of QuickBooks Pro Advisor, she collaborates with clients in diverse industries. Partnering with her means aligning with a seasoned professional you can trust and who is deeply committed to your business success.

Calvin Lipscomb, EA.
Calvin is passionate about helping families grow and manage their lives through planning and education. He is an author and presenter, his book is “Path to Abundant Living” to purchase a copy click here.
Calvin brings over 25 years of experience from the tax and financial industry, helping families build wealth and live more abundantly.

Jacob Pointer, Tax Consultant
Jacob Pointer is the founder of Taxburdens, LLC with over 15 years of experience. He holds a bachelor’s degree in economics and is currently pursuing certification as an Enrolled Agent (EA), showcasing his commitment to furthering expanding his tax expertise. Specializing in comprehensive tax preparation and planning for individuals and businesses, Jacob ensures clients maximize deductions and credits while adhering to tax regulations. Known for his meticulous approach, he provides valuable insights to navigate complex tax laws. To connect with Jacob click here.

The importance of having Financial Statements Your financial statement serves as the key to unlocking a world of opportunities, and we are committed to assisting you in getting ready for those exciting possibilities. The potential benefits are boundless when you are prepared. Here are a few examples of the pathway that becomes easier with a solid financial statement:
  • Tax Compliance
  • Realizing your Dream of Owning a Home
  • Navigating Grant Applications successfully
  • Achieving MWBE Certification for your business
  • Securing financial aid to support your children’s College Aspirations
  • Streamlining the Loan Application Process
  • Paving the way for your business to expand and thrive
Not having a financial statement can have significant and far-reaching consequences for businesses. Here are some of the key ramifications:
  • Limited Access to Credit and Funding
  • Uncertainty in Financial Decision-Making
  • Tax Compliance and Legal issues
  • Limited Business Growth and Expansion
  • Loss of Credibility and Trust
  • Strained personal finances
  • Missed opportunities for Tax Strategy
  • Inability to measure your business’s Financial Health
Don’t let procrastination steal your opportunities, let’s embark on the journey of financial planning now. Doing so not only saves you valuable time but also preserves your hard-earned money. I guarantee that taking this step will be immensely beneficial for both your business and the business owner.
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David Arabi
David Arabi
17 October 2023
We have been working with Alexis for over a decade. She is an excellent professional, always on time and very disposed to help. She always make an extra effort on every job and task. We highly recommend her and her company.
Calvin Paul
Calvin Paul
6 October 2023
Highly recommended. I am a satisfied client of 5 years and counting receiving personalised IRS representation and Bookkeeping services. I highly recommend all services ... 5 stars.
Deborah Avril Lockhart
Deborah Avril Lockhart
3 October 2023
For over a decade, Candour Tax & Bookkeeping Services has provided my company with top quality bookkeeping, tax preparation and auditing services, along with support for financial applications. I take pleasure in recommending this business.
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